We digitizes the handmade and creative space, typically those in underprivileged communities, to help them earn an income while pursuing their passion.

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Empowering handmade entrepreneurs in Africa

Powering handmade entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and
help them earn an income while pursuing their passion.

Digitizing the handmade and creative space

Digitizing the creative space supply chain, typically those in
low income and underprivileged communities in Africa.

About Us

Our Story

Ogaliya is resolved on a vision to empower the Africa handmade and creative space to compete effectively in the global market. We are on a mission to leverage existing platforms, forge partnerships, and create inclusive digitization solutions to boost sales and access to resources that will facilitate the scaling of their passion into a profitable business.

Reducing poverty

Help creators earn an income while pursuing their passion.

Job opportunities

Creators employ more trained people to serve the growing demand.

Gender Equality

Our inclusive digitization solution is for all, regardless of their gender.

Sustainable communities

Handmade entrepreneurs can operate from anywhere and still thrive globally.

What We do

Our Uniqueness

Our web/mobile application enables creators to digitize their handmade business at zero cost for easy access and streamline daily operations. The application also helps them to track their business supply chain.

We use multi-channel sales API’s such as woocommerce, Shopify, etc for eCommerce platforms to have a variety; handmade and creative goods section, fully operational without owning a single inventory.

Our focus is to make it easier for creative entrepreneurs to scale their production. We provide streamlined accessibility to raw materials to serve the demand, machinery and financing to facilitate their scaling.

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Digitizing the handmade and creative space across Africa

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Clients Feedback

What Our Clients Say

I was hit with COVID-19 as in-store visits have sharply declined, but now Ogaliya has digitized my handmade products and is now accessible anywhere.

Queens Needles Fashion

I recently graduated from vocational training but was sceptical, considering the current challenges and the startup cost. Meeting Ogaliya, I can now work from home and thrive globally.

Esther Appiah

I have always wished to expand my market base beyond the current setting, but that seemed unachievable, but with Ogaliya, my revenue has tripled.

Kwame Owusu